Kyoto hidden gardens

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From: ¥19,000

‎‎¥‎19,000 for up to 2 persons (+‎‎¥6,000 each extra person)

Experience the real relaxing zen atmosphere while contemplating Kyoto’s hidden gardens.

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Style Culture walk
Max people 6
Location Kyoto
Starts 2:00 pm
9:00 am
Duration 3 hours
Starting location Subway Keage station
Finishing location Subway Higashiyama station
Language English
Includes Entrance fees
Excludes Hotel drop-off
Hotel pick-up
Transportation fees
Cancellation Can be canceled and fully refunded up to 3 days before booking date.

The story

Imagine: you are sitting on the tatami mat, your mind at peace, inside a 300 years old temple in Kyoto. The air is filled with the fragrance of religious incense burning nearby. You are so peaceful that you can hear the distant sound of a gong announcing the coming ceremony. You can not hope for a more memorable experience of Japan’s Zen buddhism. Or, can you? All of a sudden, the serene atmosphere is disrupted by the stampede of a horde of loud tourists armed with selfie sticks. Unfortunately, this happens much too often what to those who come visit Kyoto and follow the ‘places-you-must-go-to’ list found in their guidebook.

Surely you don’t want your very own zen experience to be ruined like that! Here is our solution: we want to show you Kyoto’s pristine and lesser known zen gardens that are preserved from mass-tourism. We invite you to explore with us the remaining peaceful temples spared from the crowds. We will go around the Nanzen-ji temple complex area where we will visit our selected temples and, after we explain their history, we give you time to enjoy the ambient harmonious peace.

3 reviews for Kyoto hidden gardens

  1. James

    Axel was very simply amazing! He demonstrated amazing insight into not just the tour but the whole of kyoto, he had to adapt the tour on the fly due to damage caused by the recent bad weather, but you would never have been able to tell. He knows how to set a pace that is easy to walk to and enjoyable, nothing feels rushed, if there is such a thing as being a a zen tour master then surely Axel is it and very near enlightenment.

  2. Fabien

    Pierre was an awesome guide and was very precious for our visit in Kyoto and globaly in Japan. It was really great to have visited beautiful japanese gardens known by a very few number of people so with nobody else than the nature. The walk between the places was really nice as well. Thank you Pierre

  3. 正妍

    Pierre is very professional and nice guy. I totally enjoy the whole route, including very traditional place but with less people, very professional introduce and very kind remind. If you would like to the temples, choose this route. Then you can enjoy the peaceful and Japanese culture.

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