Kyoto secret streets

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From: ¥15,900

‎‎¥‎15,900 for up to 2 persons (+‎‎¥6,000 each extra person)

Half-day private guided walking tour in Kyoto’s maze-like historical district.

  • Only valid for hotels within 45 minutes of the meeting point

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Style Culture walk
Max people 6
Location Kyoto
Starts 2:00 pm
9:00 am
Duration 3 hours
Starting location Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo station
Finishing location Gion area
Includes Entrance fees
Excludes Hotel drop-off
Hotel pick-up
Transportation fees
Language English
Cancellation Can be canceled and fully refunded up to 3 days before booking date.

The story

Are you “templed out” in Kyoto? Do you want to switch away from the main drag and discover the city in a more intimate way? Come with us on a casual guided stroll through Kyoto’s best kept secret : its maze-like network of narrow back streets. Tucked between tourists-filled avenues lies an uncharted labyrinth of alleyways. “Roji” is how local people call these old-fashioned streets that are lined on each side with “Machiya-style” wooden houses. In summer, providing shade to the residents, they are a haven from the sweltering temperatures. In winter, the spirit of community created by the intimacy of the narrow street offers warmth to the dwellers.

We have selected the most interesting “Roji” in Kyoto’s Gion district and we would love to introduce to you the lifestyle of its residents. We will explain to you the history of those alleyways and how people live in them. We will also visit some of the artisans who chose to live and work in them. We will learn also about Kyoto’s geisha history exploring hard to find back-alleys only locals know about. Come along for a journey on foot where Kyoto’s underground culture lives.

9 reviews for Kyoto secret streets

  1. Jakob

    This is a highly recommendable experience. Went with our two teenagers. Everybody were happy. We saw and learned things about Kyoto and Japan that we would never have come across. This is really worth while – and if possible do it early on your Japan vacation to learn about communication, culture etc. as a bonus on top of the hidden streets, that we would never ever have discovered. Thanks Axel!!

  2. Jade

    Pierre meets at the station which is always handy and the tour starts straight away no faffing around with what the tour is or wasting time with introductions about what the tour will be which I’ve had with other tours which just wastes tour time, instead pierre gets straight into the tour itself explaing and exploring the roji, geisha districts and many little facts about kyoto’s hidden streets along the way. He was very knowledgeable about the area and even gave suggests about some great lil street photography area as a little added bonus. Very imformal but got the point of the tour across and allowed rest stops along the way haha. Overall really enjoyable tour, had fun and would definitely reccommend! :)Thank you Pierre!

  3. Phillip

    Pierre rocks! The best way I can review this walk is afterwards I had dinner and talked to some other tourists who had also completed a walk with another group that day. They were like “oh. there are alleys here?” and told me how mundane their walk was. I really felt like I had a unique experience that was off the beaten track, and enjoyed some pointers on photography and general insights into Japanese culture.

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