Meet a Geisha over Kaiseki dinner

From: ¥179,000

¥179 000 for up to 2 persons (+‎‎¥49,000 each extra person)

Step into Kyoto’s mythical world of geisha and indulge yourself in an upscale and exquisite Kaiseki dinner experience in Kyoto.

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Style Cultural experience
Location Kyoto
Starts 4:30 pm
Duration 4 hours
Max people 6
Meeting location Gion Shijo station
Finishing location Gion area
Language English
Includes Geisha fee (2 hours)
Hotel pick-up
Excludes Drinks
Hotel drop-off

The story

Want to meet a geisha in Kyoto? Discover a quintessential part of the Japanese culture in a private and exclusive way. Enjoy an enkai: a traditional dinner with geisha in their living quarters.

Contemporary ambassadresses of the traditional arts of Japan, the geisha and maiko master musical instruments, dance, tea ceremony and conversation. Their strenuous apprenticeship makes them artisans of rare talents—delicate and unfathomable.

In Kyoto, travelers usually hope to catch a glimpse of a geisha in the streets of Gion, when she rushes from one tea house to another. Often, this night safari ends with no sighting of the girls let alone a chance to meet one of them. Very few people have the privilege to spend time with a maiko at the Ochaya: the house where they practice their arts. Like a private club one needs to be introduced before being granted permission to enjoy a moment with a geisha.

The experience will begin with a visit of geisha’s districts, where your guide will introduce you the everyday life and the history of the geisha world. At dusk, you go to an Ochaya to feast on a Kaiseki meal: the sumptuous cuisine of Kyoto. The service will, of course, be provided with grace by the geisha and the younger Maiko. Your guide will be on hand to help you make sense of this rare experience and also to help you converse with the hosts. The girls will also perform dances, traditional games and play traditional instruments such as the shamisen.


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