Osaka urban exploration photo adventure


¥‎30,000 for 2 people

Explore the city from rooftop locations and bring amazing photographs to your friend.

  • Only valid for hotels within 45 minutes of the meeting point

If you have any questions contact us.

Style Photo workshop
Max people 2
Location Osaka
Starts 7:30 pm
Duration 2.5 hours
Starting location JR Osaka station
Finishing location JR Osaka station
Language English
Includes Guide
Excludes Camera
Hotel drop-off
Hotel pick-up
Transportation fees
Cancellation Can be canceled and fully refunded up to 3 days before booking date.

The story

How about a new approach to Osaka’S urban jungle? Rise above the streets and enter Osaka’s uncharted frontier: the rooftops. Come with us exploring the city from new heights. Modern-day urban explorers we climb not mountains, but staircases cast in neon light, shrouded in the unknown. Here we will loot not treasures of gold, but of light—epic scenes of the urban jungle stolen away with our cameras. Stand triumphant on the rooftops with the metropolitan expanse ten stories beneath your feet.

We will show you a few secret spots overlooking the city, but more importantly, we will also impart on you our experience and advice on how to better shoot cityscapes. We will use tripods to our advantage but also, when required, we will shoot handheld to create an intense vertigo effect. You’ll learn how to get the best results in low light conditions and how to create compelling compositions of the nighttime cityscape. You will improve your photography style and bring jaw-dropping images.

We will go to handpicked locations, not known in any guidebooks, that are elevated above the densely populated and colorful streets of Umeda. We will wander the back alleys of Kitashinchi, filled with smoke and colorful neon signs, and then rise above the chaos and photograph the city from the rooftops.


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